Dimitra Natskoulis exhibits at Patmion

Under the title “From Iconography to Visionary Art”, the artist exhibits her works at Patmion until 30 July, feeling the extensions of the Byzantine style towards a more free and symbolic depiction of the sacred, the soul and the eternal.

Dimitra Natskoulis, also known as “Ieri Pnoi”, specializes in Psychotherapy through movement and dance and uses Art as a means of expression and as a therapeutic tool. She has studied the art of Byzantine iconography under Professor G. KORDIS and in the last years she is carving her own unique way of expression.

The themes she chooses in her works are inspired by nature, the human soul and relationships. She explores the depths of the human condition and brings out the strengths and sensitivities, combining the imperfect with the perfect inherent in each of us. Through her art she challenges us to question, reflect and connect with the deepest emotions that can and do connect us as human beings.

One of the main characteristics that makes her special is the way she treats her canvas. Her painting is distinguished by her dedication to creating her own unique world, full of colours, shapes and symbolism. The presence and intensity of the colours in her paintings reflect the passion and intensity that occupy her soul during the creative process.

Dimitra Natskoulis has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions, winning the impressions of critics and the public. The artist continues to explore and enrich her world with new ideas and challenges, showing her unremitting commitment to art and the inexhaustible inspiration that comes from the world within and around her.

During the Exhibition in Patmion, every morning from 11:00 to 12:00, she organizes an artistic workshop for the children of the island, giving them the opportunity to come in contact with Art and their expression. Through painting and movement, it gives them the opportunity, even for a short while, to get in touch with a different view of reality.

In summary, Dimitra Natskouli is an artist whose passionate style highlights the deep emotional and psychological dimensions of human existence. Through her paintings, she manages to enchant and inspire her audience, offering a unique and exciting experience in every work she creates. Her art is a wealth to the art world and it is worth watching the evolution of her career with an open mind and curiosity.