Elska Leeloo exhibits her work in Hora

The exhibition of the young artist Elska Leeloo at Andreas’ gallery in Chora of Patmos will run until July 30.

Elska Leeloo is a multifarious young artist who has already managed to make an impression with her talent and creativity. Her exhibition in Patmos includes a collection of her latest works, which she presents to us with the passion she has for her work.

Elska Leeloo is a versatile creative nature, who has experimented with various art forms until she found her own unique way. Her journey began with drawing and photography and now she has turned her talents to sculpting in clay, an art form that allows her to express her deepest inspirations and concerns.

Through both traditional and contemporary sculptural methods, the artist discovered the freedom offered by creating with her hands, shaping and depicting her thoughts and feelings in three-dimensional forms. Elska Leeloo’s art invites us to discover hidden emotions and lead us on our own psychic paths through her works.