The trails in Patmos!

On 08 and 09 May, the seminar organized by S.P.P.P. Hippocampos in cooperation with the European Ramblers Association (ERA), for the certification of the planned network of paths in Patmos, was successfully held.

It was indeed a very important and interesting initiative, which aimed to learn how to properly manage the project of creating a network of paths in a professional way, so that our island can join the European Network of Paths. This will provide recognition of the quality of the project and ensure the recognition and safety that the hiker desires in order to visit Patmos and hike its trails.

The seminar was attended by 11 people, who received a certificate of attendance and the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to others. The theoretical part of the training took place at the Patmion Cultural Centre and the practical training took place in the field, on two selected trails on the island.

The trainers of the project were Ruben Jordan and Olga Karagianni, who passed on their many years of experience to the original team in an excellent way. Anyone who is interested and wants to participate in the effort to implement the vision, “Network of paths / cultural routes of Patmos”, can contact the S.P.P.P. Hippocampus – / +306976438372 /