The plantations of Patmos


The Hora of Patmos is entirely different than any plantation you have ever encountered in the Aegean. Certainly there are a lot of beautiful of places called Hora throughout the Greek islands,but the Patmian Hora is different. First of all, in the center of Hora, with all its glory and dimensions, is the castle protecting the monastery of Saint John the Theologian. The reason why the monks were forced to build such strong walls are apparent since the monastery survived difficult times. Pirates and different kinds of conquerors of the Aegean have tried to usurp its intellectual, religious and other treasures.


Skala is the center and only port of Patmos. This is where all the social services are situated as well as most mercantile establishments of the island. This is where the visitor begins exploring all the locations, attractions and the alluring beaches of Patmos.

Upper and Lower Kampos

Kampos is one of the four most important plantations of Patmos. Upper Kampos is the main village, extending over small hills. On the other hand, lower Kampos is a plantation surrounding the beach of Kampos.


Grikos is the fourth biggest plantation in Patmos. It is a picturesque,fishing village, which is rapidly evolving into a touristic attraction. The changes that take place in Grikos every year are noteworthy.