Patmos on a bike

Although Patmos is a small island and therefore could be an ideal destination for cycling fanatics, however due to the morphology of its terrain it requires stamina and endurance.

So while the more “hard-core” riders will particularly enjoy the relatively fast uphill/downhill changes, the less trained ones will rather put themselves on an exercise than a leisurely ride. The only exception is the route from the northern edge of Skala, up to Grikos. This is essentially the longest almost level route for the most part. It even includes some of the most beautiful driving on the island, from the southern edge of Skala to the area of Sapsila, where a road unfolds beside the sea and is truly delightful.

However, electric bicycles are the ideal solution for the island, as they combine the pleasure of cycling, the exercise to some extent and also the convenience. You can therefore take the plunge and come on holiday with your electric bike. Even easier, you can rent a bike on the island and see if this type of mobility suits you. Conventional and electric bicycles are rented at two locations on the island, both in the port of Skala: at Billis and at Faros.