Patoinos estate

eco farm

The Patoinos estate is an “experiment” that started thanks to the “madness” and romanticism of a man. Joseph, together with his family, decided to bring back viticulture in Patmos which in the last several years has been dwindling or completely lost. So, since 2011 he started planting new vines on a 20 hectare area, but with respect to the preservation of local varieties, such as the white Assyrtiko, for example. The aim is a limited annual production of about 7,000 bottles, with a 2/3 Assyrtiko and 1/3 Mavrothiriko split.

But the vision behind the Patoinos estate is broader and is not limited to simply restoring a vineyard, producing good ecological wine. The goal of Joseph and his team is to make the estate itself, the seed for the reconstitution of a forgotten contact with nature and its cultivation. In this context, the actions that take place here are varied and constantly expanding. One of the most important is the educational one, which is implemented in collaboration with local schools, but also with foreign students who visit the farm.

In the same area a bank of local and traditional seeds has been created and is developing, in cooperation with the Greek organization “Peliti“, which has been fighting for the preservation of Greek seeds for more than 20 years. Also, an olive grove has been developed on an area of 10 acres, which offers its fruits to produce an excellent local virgin olive oil. In the same direction, various local herbs and spices are cultivated and made available.

The Patoinos estate is open to visits by professionals and wine lovers or even to ordinary visitors who want to get to know this effort and learn more about it. All you have to do is make an appointment and the people of Patoinos will be happy to welcome you and share with you all the secrets of the project.

Επικοινωνία: +30 6945 814398