Beaches of Patmos


The beach of Skala or Faliraki or Agios Theologos, is located on the north side of the bay of the port of Skala and is easily accessible on foot. Although its location is so central, its waters are crystal clear, partly because of the harbour which is not very busy and partly because of the usual direction of the (north) wind, which keeps the waters clean and clear. It is sandy with a few pebbles, trees and shade. It is not organized, but there are cafes and restaurants both on the beach and nearby.


Meloi beach is located about 1.5 km from the port of Skala, on the road leading to the northern part of the island. It is a favourite beach for many people and you can also get there by walking from Skala – if you are not put off by the fact that there is a “competent” uphill. The beach is sandy, has trees, plenty of shade and is usually leeward. In Meloy you will also find a traditional taverna.


Kampos is considered as the “cosmopolitan” beach of the island. It is located in the northeastern part of the island, at a distance of about 4.5 km from Skala. A large part of the beach has sunbeds and umbrellas, nice little tavernas on the sand and beach bars. Here you will also find the island’s only water sports centre. Kampos is essentially an informal meeting place for all those who follow the “norm” or simply remain faithful to one of the island’s equally informal traditions! For most of its length, the beach is sandy or fine pebbles in places and calm waters – except on days when the wind blows from the south.


Agriolivado beach is located north of Skala on the road to Kampos, about 3.5 km from the port and opposite the islet of Agia Thekla. Don’t let the name scare you, (in greek language means wild field), you won’t find anything wild here! It is large in area, it is sandy with a few pebbles and half organised, with sunbeds, beach bar and restaurant. Here you will also find water-bicycles and canoes to rent.


Vagia beach is located about 7 km northeast of Skala and is mostly a pebble beach. It has fanatic friends, because of its morphology, but also for an additional reason: On the hill and very close behind the beach, there is the café Vagia – also known as “Eftιhia” – a must visit before, after or even during your swim! Vagia is considered as a cold-water beach and has two large trees with shade. For your access, it is recommended to use a means of transport, as the beach is located 1 km from the bus stop and there is even a long uphill road in between.

Psili Amos

Although Psili Amos is perhaps the most iconic beach on the island, you will need some strength to enjoy it! The reason is that it is not accessible, except via a path, (relatively passable) and a hike of about 30 minutes or else by boat, weather permitting. The trail starts from the edge of Alikes beach located on the south side of the island, behind the boatyard. The beach is magical – when the wind is not strong. The thick blond sand, in and out of the water, the turquoise waters, the shade from the several tamarix trees and the buried taverna on the sand make for a unique and heavenly setting.

Liginou or Twin beaches

The beaches of Ligginou or Twins, make it obvious why they were named so! The view from above is breathtaking, and the view from the sea is equally enjoyable. They have fine pebbles, are next to each other and are usually not very crowded. The reason is that to access them you have to follow a relatively short downhill path. On the second beach you will also find a small canteen.


Lampi beach is located at the northern end of the island and got its name from its colourful and very special pebbles, which according to tradition, shine in the moonlight! Unfortunately, today you will be lucky if you find some of the few remaining… It is quite large and you will enjoy it to the fullest on days when it doesn’t blow north wind. The other days you can swim having fun with the strong waves. The two shops on the beach are also an attraction: the traditional tavern “Lampi”, literally on the sea, with famous specialities and the renovated beach bar “Lampi’s Dolphin”, with upgraded services and umbrellas with sunbeds.


Petra beach is located about 5 km south of Skala and on the southern extension of Grikos bay. It is a beach with thick white pebbles and a particularly captivating landscape. Here you literally feel in touch with a primitive feeling of grounding. Even if you choose to treat yourself to the luxury of the umbrellas, sun lounger and small canteen found here, the feeling remains the same. Contributing to this is the usually absolute silence but also the islet of Tragonisi that dominates directly opposite. For trained swimmers, the reward is the turquoise waters they will find there. If you dare, caution is needed during the crossing, as there is marine traffic.


Grikos beach is located in the homonymous settlement, a bay about 4.5 km south of the port of Skala. The beach is sandy, with trees and shade. The settlement has restaurants, cafeterias, rooms to let and the only 5* hotel on the island. Access is also possible by bus. The orientation of the bay is usually leeward while the background is the islet of Tragonisi and the imposing rock of Petra or Kalikatsou.

Livadi Geranou

Livadi Geranou beach is located about 12 km from Skala at the east of the island. For accessing it, transport is required, as the nearest bus stop is at the beach of Kampos. Livadi Geranou is a pebble and sandy beach in places, with calm waters, tamarisk trees offering shade and a view of the islet of Agios Georgios. The homonymous chapel dominates there and you can easily swim to it. Although the beach is not organized, it usually attracts a lot of people and boats and there is also a canteen.

Panagia Geranou

Panagia Geranou beach is located about 15 km from Skala and is the easternmost beach of the island. It is located below the homonymous church and for its access you need a mean of transport, while at the end you will have to go downhill at a short footpath. There are very few places with shade, but the panoramic view of the island and the sense of isolation will make up for it. Panagia Geranou is a beach with pebbles mostly and some sand in places.


Aspri beach is located very close to Skala, on the road leading to Meloi and just before it. It overlooks Hora and the Monastery and its name is the exact opposite of its colour, (Aspri means white)! It is a small and quiet bay and is an option for those who want an alternative dive, close to Skala without being crouded. In the evening, there is a charming restaurant due to its location.

Livadi Kalogiron

Livadi Kalogiron beach is located north of the island and the road leading to it starts from the village of Kampos. It is a secluded and alternative beach with pebbles and views of Ikaria. There are two points of interest here, which you can combine with your swim: visit the farm located around the old church of Panagia and have a drink or a meal at the minimalist and very special canteen that operates here. Ideal time is at dusk.


Lefkes beach is located centrally and west of the island and is accessed from a road that starts before Kampos. At the end you will come across a small and narrow gravel road which leads to a quiet, also alternative and usually wavy beach. In Lefkes you will be surprised by the unexpected lodge located on the beach and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a drink or a meal in the canteen that operates here.


Sapsila beach is located about 2 km from Skala, east of the island, on the road to Grikos. It is small, sandy, quiet, with warm waters and will mainly serve those staying in the accommodation in the area or those who wish to take a swim not being crowded, or without going away from Skala.


Alikes beach is located in the southern part of the island and got its name because the monks used to collect salt there, (Alikes means salt flats). It is located in the bay of Stavros and is definitely an alternative, yet easily accessible option. The sea is not accessible in all parts of the bay, but if you want, you will find several places that will compensate you. Points of interest, the adjacent boatyard with its facilities and a unique spot for coffee and food, as well as the absolutely picturesque little tavern at the edge of the bay.